Wild Card at Arapuni

Wild Card

A brief history on how Wild Card started life.

We need to go back to Ian Jarvie building Elray I for Jock Appleton in 1960. Jock later sold Elray to John & Keith McGregor and the boat was renamed Manta.

McGregor’s then renamed their boat to Air NZ. Later Des Geddes purchased the boat and renamed it to Miss Elna (2). Unfortunately Des lost his life in a car accident. Mike Griffiths purchased the boat and renamed it Aurora but the boat disintegrated in a Masport Cup race in New Brighton. The boat was un-repairable so they drew around the frames and made a new hull with all the original Jarvie hardware been used. The new boat was called Aurora II and this was later sold to Lesley Wilson who raced it as Wild Card for many years. The boat is now owned by Murdoch Robinson


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